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Blockchain technology - a form of distributed ledger technology - is a distributed database of tamper-resistant records. Each record is timestamped and is cryptographically linked to the previous record. The ledger, distributed among all participating nodes, records the history of transactions of assets and a consensus mechanism ensures that all nodes agree on state of the ledger. Distributed ledgers use cryptographic techniques like cryptographic hashes and digital signatures and other techniques like distributed computing, peer-to-peer networking. These techniques help to provide trust, resiliency and robustness by design.

Some of the key advantages of the blockchain are:

  • The blockchain removes the need of intermediaries allowing individuals to transfer assets directly between each other.
  • The blockchain can provide trust, insurance, and peace of mind to people involved in a transaction

Blockchain has the potential to impact many domains like finance, healthIT, IoT, manufacturing, Insurances, governance, and many more.

At Prometheus we believe that blockchain and more generally distributed ledger technologies will be the next foundational layer our digital economy will be based on as it has, by design, the potential to bring trust, transparency and resiliency in the underlying infrastructure of our digital society.

Are you interested in the Blockchain technology?
Are you trying to figure out how to leverage Blockchain technology for your organization? Are you trying to figure out why you shouldn’t use blockchain? Are you ready to implement blockchain technology?

Regardless on where you are in your journey with blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, our team of experts is ready to assist you and to provide you and your organization the roadmap, best practices and implementation details tailored to your needs.

We will work with you to:

  • Assess your current infrastructure
  • Gather requirements
  • Map the requirements to our blockchain criteria index to determine which blockchain solution to start with
  • Develop a plan following agile methodologies
  • Develop a POC
  • Figure out where to go from there

Let’s explore with you how we can work together. Please contact us at for more information.

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