Frederic De Vaulx

Vice President, Senior Program Manager, Senior Software Engineer

Frederic de Vaulx has over eleven years experience working on projects within the NIST architecture. He has provided technical, managerial, and development expertise and leadership working with NIST to develop numerous systems and tools, including the EHR Randomizer system, the Measurement Database for Standards system, and the Body Armor system prototype. He is working with the NIST Cloud Computing Program to refine its Reference Architecture and address some of the requirements defined in its Draft Technical Roadmap. He currently is leading one of the Reference Architecture and Taxonomy Sub Groups on Cloud Metrics. Frederic also participates as subject-matter expert on cloud related working groups like IEEE P2301/P2302. He has helped plan workshops for the NIST Cloud Computing Program. In his position as Program Manager for Prometheus’s current IDIQ SB1341-14-CQ-0018, Mr. de Vaulx is responsible for the task orders awarded and is involved in the entire lifecycle of solicitations submitted by NIST. He meets regularly with NIST’ COTRs to ensure a proper progress of the deliverables and work with NIST to address any issues that could arise. Mr. de Vaulx is PMP certified.