Kiran Bhadriraju

Researcher and Consultant

Kiran Bhadriraju is a researcher and consultant with a PhD in Biomedical engineering from the University of Minnesota and a MS in Chemical Engineering, IIT, Bombay.  Kiran has worked as a research Assistant Professor in the Bioengineering Department of University of MD; with the NIST Cell Systems Science Group; and as a senior scientist for SAIC. 

Kiran co-developed approaches to subcellular sementation, quantification of cytoskeletalanatomy, and complete coverage of microscope slides. Using Big Data imaging of pluripotent stem cells, Kiran generated a large-scale (0.9 terabyte) data set of human pluripotent stem cells and analyzed the data together with collaborators.  Using high-content screening, he developed and validated a microscope-based assay for relative quantitation of myosin light chain phosphorylation in fixed cells by immunofluorescence microscopy (in-cell western). While working on microscale tissue engineering, Kiran developed a cell based assay for Rho-kinase activity.  

Kiran has presented meetings such as the CYTO (Congress of the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry); the World Stem Cell Summit; and numerous International Society for Stem Cell Research meetings,  Gordon Research Conferences, and  Annual Meetings of American Society for Cell Biology. Publications include the Journal of Microscopy, Applied Physics Letters, Biotechnology and Bioengineering, Biointerphases, Biotechnology Progress, Biomaterials, Molecular Cell Research, Experimental Cell Research, BMC Cell Biology, Biophysical Journal,  Biotechnology Progress, Developmental Cell, Drug Discovery Today, and Biomaterials.
In his spare time, Kiran continues to mentor high school and undergraduate researchers in Bioengineering.

 Kiran received the NIST/MML Distinguished Associaate Award and the GATE Fellowship Grant.
Areas of Expertise: