Michael Faughn

Senior Programmer

The majority of my time is split between two projects. The first is centered on a Standard Reference Database 31. We have built a new, custom CMS that facilitates the management of existing publications and the editorial workflow as well as new desktop and web applications that customers use to search and view published content. My other focus is on medical device interoperability. Prometheus is participating in the revision of the standard for messages sent between point-of-care medical devices. We are creating tools that will help vendors to adopt and implement the standard. I am in contact with stakeholders on a weekly basis and attend the HL7 working group meetings.

My professional interests can be summed up as an interest in the inter-connectivity of data. There is a model behind every expression of data. I believe that modeling techniques help us to understand and describe the world around us. Working at Prometheus continues to be a fantastic place for me to pursue my interests.

When I’m not geeking out I enjoy spending time with my family and reaping the benefits of being a lover of the outdoors and living in Jackson County, NC. We have truly excellent whitewater, hiking, biking, fishing, and beer all right here, with much more of the same all around us. I also enjoy playing and recording music with my wife.