Dhananjay Anand, Richard Candell, Keith Stouffer

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is developing a cybersecurity testbed for industrial control systems (ICS). The goal of this testbed is to measure the performance of an ICS when instrumented with cybersecurity protections in accordance with practices prescribed by prevailing standards and guidelines. This paper outlines the…

Alex Nelson, Darrell Long, Erik Steggall

Conference presentation by Alex Nelson, et. al. This work addresses the question of determining the correctness of forensic file system analysis software. Current storage systems are built on theory that is robust but not invincible to faults, from software, hardware, or adversaries. Given a parsing of a storage system of unknown provenance, the lack of…

Alex Nelson, DFXML Group

This is the schema for Digital Forensics XML, version 1.1.1. by Alex Nelson, et. al.

Julien Amelot, Joe Chalfoun, Peter Bajcsy, Antoine Vandecreme, Jing Gao

Workshop on enabling science from big image data.

Joe Chalfoun, Walid Keyrouz, Timothy Blattner, Mary Brady, Michael Majurski

Using a Fourier-based phase correlation method and progressively coalescing strongly connected components permits terabytes of optical microscopy data to be assembled correctly more rapidly than previously.

Alex Nelson, Mary Laamanen, John Tebbutt, Darrell Long

The research for this presentation was funded by the National Institute of Standards and Technology Office of Law Enforcement Standards, the Department of Justice National Institute of Justice, the Department of the Navy,the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Archives and Records Administration. These products are mentioned for being…

Julien Amelot, Joe Chalfoun, Mary Brady, Antoine Vandecreme, P. Nguyen

Present ion of a characterization of four basic Terabyte-sized image computations on a Hadoop cluster in terms of their relative efficiency according to the modified Amdahl's law. The work is motivated by the lack of standard benchmarks and stress tests for big image processing operations on a Hadoop computer cluster platform. Our benchmark design and…

Adele Peskin, John Elliott, Karen Kafadar, Joe Chalfoun

We propose a new strategy for estimating the number of cellular objects that should be manually segmented for evaluating the segmentation accuracy of an algorithm. The strategy uses geometric and edge quality measurements that are directly related to segmentation outcomes and do not require highly accurate segmentation. Sample sizes are determined from…

Eric Simmon, Kyoung-sook Kim, Eswaran Subrahmanian, Ryong Lee, Yohei ...

A key aspect of the next generation Smart Networked System (SNS) is the bridge between the physical and virtual world. These systems that tightly interlink the cyber and physical worlds are often referred to as Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). A CPS is the ,integration of computation with physical processesŠ and uses sensors and actuators to link the…

Antonio Cardone, Peter Bajcsy, John Elliott, YaShian Li-Baboud, Joe ...

We introduce a methodology for microscopy settings assessment and segmentation accuracy prediction based on image quality descriptors.

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