Peter Bajcsy, Antoine Vandecreme, Benjamin J. Long, Paul Khouri Saba, Luigi Marini, Rob Kooper, Michal Ondrejcek, Kenton McHenry, Smruti Padhy, Devin Bonnie, Joe Chalfoun

Versus is a framework for the execution and dissemination of customizable content-based file comparison methods. Given digital objects such as files, database entries, or in-memory data structures, we are interested in establishing their proximity (i.e. similarity or dissimilarity) based on the information encoded within the files (text, images, 3D, video, audio, etc.). We provide an implementation of this abstraction as a Java API and a RESTful service API. This implementation includes a set of tools to support access and execution of content-based comparisons both on local and distributed computational resources, as well as a library of methods focused on images, 3D models, text, and documents comprised of the three.


Peter Bajcsy; Antoine Vandecreme; Benjamin J. Long; Paul Khouri Saba; Joe Chalfoun; Luigi Marini; Rob Kooper; Michal Ondrejcek; Kenton McHenry; Smruti Padhy; 2012 Eighth IEEE International Conference on e-Science; Chicago, IL, October 08, 2012; 4 pp.,