R. Younes, F.B. Oudezou, Joe Chalfoun

This paper deals with development of a highly realistic human hand and forearm model (HHF). The adopted model has to be as close as possible to the reality of the human being hand, to address several features linked to manipulation tasks, grasping objects and daily routine movements like shaving, writing, etc. In addition, thanks to this model, a better…

Arthur Griesser

Explains how and why UML models fit into a robust formal standardization process based on the best practices of software development.

Arthur Griesser

Quality data transfer standards are necessary for effective communication between equipment provided by different vendors. Like other complex activities, standards benefit strongly from careful requirements definition and analysis. This presentation explores best practices from the world of software development that should improve the quality of…

Marjane Mabrouk, Tom Rhodes

The work described in this report, focused on specifying and managing different steps of a Business-to-Business (B2B) workflow by developing and integrating a Workflow Management System (WMS) within the NIST B2B Web-portal. This allows us to manage the execution and testing of B2B workflow processes.

Eric D Simmon, Arthur Griesser

The US Power delivery system is being updated by grafting an intelligent, decision making network to the existing grid. If designed correctly, this smart grid will ensure that the power grid can meet our needs in the coming century. This paper discusses a strategy for defining the goals, use cases and systems tests so this complex, system of systems,…

We propose a new strategy for estimating the number of cellular objects that should be manually segmented for evaluating the segmentation accuracy of an algorithm. The strategy uses geometric and edge quality measurements that are directly related to segmentation outcomes and do not require highly accurate segmentation. Sample sizes are determined from…