The glacial pace of standards development can be very frustrating. Participation in standards has waned considerably in the last fifteen years, and stakeholders now usually have managers listen in on standards efforts and support company interests, rather than providing their highest skilled technical experts to push for the best results possible.

Prometheus has tools for maintaining glossaries and vocabularies, and for ensuring consistency between standards documents and machine readable artifacts such as UML models and XML Schemas.

Prometheus can help you develop and improve standards by:

  • Providing unbiased technical expertise to standards committees
  • Helping committees visualize, agree upon, and communicate their goals
  • Helping committees agree upon vocabulary
  • Analyzing data for consistency, needless duplication, and completeness
  • Programmatically ensuring that standards and data schemas mirror each other
  • Developing semantic validation rules (such as Schematron)
  • Developing compliance & interoperability testing tools
  • Building validation tools
  • Building data entry or inspection tools
  • Building reference implementations
  • Tools used to automatically generate paper-based standards from UML models

  • Developing tools to promote the adoption of: IEEE VSSC/1622 Common Data Format for Election Equipment ISO/IEEE 11073 Health informatics - Point-of-Care Medical Device Communication

Current Work:
  • DIM

  • Voting

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