Most business have evolved to fit changing customer requirements and the business landscape (businesses that don’t evolve this way tend to die). Because it’s far easier to make localized improvements, continuous refinements to a business process rarely result in globally optimum business processes. It’s easy to remain stuck in that locally optimized rut, because nearly everyone is focused on “business as usual”. Of course, that can lead to a great competitive advantage for organizations with a rare visionary, who is able to perceive the possibility and value of process improvements.

We are happy to use UML activity diagrams or BMPN. Both are OMG standards, and several studies1,2 have found them to be equivalent.

Prometheus can help you reengineer your business process in several ways:

  • Tying business processes to your goals and customer needs
  • Identifying what happens (including information gathered, and what decisions made) at each stage of the business process
  • Identifying process steps that don’t add value
  • Streamlining business processes, while ensuring goal alignment

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