Poor requirements are very expensive. For example, the IEEE postmortem of the $100 million wasted on the FBI’s Virtual Case File system placed much of the blame on “a deeply flawed 800-page set of system requirements that doomed the project before a line of code was written”.

Prometheus describes requirements by use cases, user stories, or Cucumber features. We suggest that user stories are best at the earliest stages, and for people who do not wish to be burdened by anything else. In all other situations we prefer Cucumber features or use cases. We have developed the Beacon tool for managing use cases.

Prometheus can help you capture requirements by:

  • Analyzing your goals and customer needs
  • Identifying actors and stakeholders
  • Describing the value actors and stakeholders could get from a system
  • Describing how actors interact with a system
  • Identifying information that stakeholders need to
    • Provide
    • Access
    • Manipulate

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