ACFT Suite Beta

The Prometheus Computing ACFT beta Assisted Clock Fusion Testbed is a suite of tools engineered to help the user test and develop new clock fusion algorithms.

The ACFT beta Suite is currently composed of:

  • ACFT-MP beta - a modular hardware platform
  • ACFT-EM beta - an experiment manager

ACFT beta

ACFT-MP beta (Modular Platform)

The Prometheus Computing ACFT-MP beta Clock Fusion Testbed is a fully integrated testbed to evaluate algorithms that synthesize multiple clock sources. The ACFT-0.1 board includes all the basic components of hardware and comes pre-loaded with a reference implementation of a maximum likelihood fusion algorithm implemented on a hybrid SoC.

ACFT-EM beta (Experiment Manager)

The Prometheus Computing ACFT-EM beta Experiment Manager is a high performance real time operating system and a suite of libraries and drivers to provide researchers with all the tools they need to perform automated tests of time keeping functions such as RTC holdover, phase tracking stability assessment, noise/drift/jitter quantization and multi-oscillator fusion.


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