Beacon is an analyst-friendly, web-based tool for building use cases in Word-like documents that share information (such as actors). Reuse by sharing reduces maintenance effort, and accelerates definition of new use cases.

Argus makes it easy to

  • Store, query, and update the large volume of data underlying SP 800-30 risk assessments
  • Compute the overall risk to systems, as described in SP800-30
  • Simplify maintenance by letting systems share Threat Sources and Vulnerabilities.
  • Allows selection of security controls

The eStability Validator compares FDA drug stability reports against an XML Schema and additional Schematron business rules. The validator issues errors and warnings to help drug manufacturers electronically submit valid reports to the FDA.

The Bulk Validator is a simple, easy to use tool that compares multiple documents against multiple schemas. Supported schema types include XML Schema, Schematron, and RELAX NG.

The Prometheus Computing ACFT beta Assisted Clock Fusion Testbed is a suite of tools engineered to help the user test and develop new clock fusion algorithms.

The ACFT beta Suite is currently composed of:

  • ACFT-MP beta - a modular hardware platform
  • ACFT-EM beta - an experiment manager
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